[Parody] Simple Rules to Raise Your Body Temperature

We have discovered, over time, that Emily is what we lovingly dubbed “thermosexual.” She is drawn to body heat the way that others are to certain body types. So we wanted to take this opportunity to critique diet and weight loss culture by highlighting the arbitrary nature of patriarchal beauty standards. In our opinion, the thin ideal is as arbitrary and silly as the notion of a body temperature ideal. That means this article guiding you to the perfect body temperature is just as valid as anything ever published on a weight-loss blog. You’re welcome.

Simple Rules to Raise Your Body Temperature

Great! Another diet promising temperature gain with little effort! Well, I am sure you know, it isn’t that simple. Trapped in a constant cycle of trying, failing, and trying again. I’m sure we agree: every person is different, every diet is different, and every strategy to raise your body temperature works differently for everyone. Often times, people get caught up on minuscule factors that makes their specific diet difficult. Rather than losing hope in your temperature gain because of little things, remember the core ground rules to raise your body temperature. Instead of focusing on one individual strategy or diet, strip away what doesn’t work for you and figure out what does.

Here are 3 ground rules to raise your body temperature that you should add to your life:

Create Body Heat Through Exercise


Sure, it can be time-consuming to exercise. And most of the time it feels incredibly slow to raise your thermal profile on the treadmill at the gym. But, both eating more calories and exercising more can be extremely effective when trying to raise your body temperature. Your body is constantly burning calories and exerting energy all day so it is not as hard as you think. A great tool is understanding what your BMR is, or basal metabolic rate.

You can easily find resources that will calculate your BMR and they will create a personalized recommendation to raise your body temperature based on calories.

Eat Food That Keeps You Warm for Longer

As you are trying to raise your body temperature, eating warmer food is generally needed. One of the biggest reasons why diets fail is because you feel cold from consuming unheated substances. Fortunately, there are many food options that warm you up and keep your teeth from chattering. These heated foods include hot chocolate, hot tea, roasted chicken, casseroles of all sorts, and soup that is too hot. Don’t burn yourself – but don’t play it safe either!

Sleep More and Stress Less

Sleep has a major impact on your health and metabolism. Anytime your sleep patterns change, your risk of chilliness and low body temperature can increase drastically. Sleep deprivation also decreases the number of calories your body burns because of being exhausted. The more hours you are awake, the more time you may spend eating.

Stress, sleep, and chilliness are strongly tied together. Do you ever notice yourself not eating when you are stressed or eating more refrigerated leftovers when life-changes happen? You are not alone. “Stress-dieting” happens to a lot of people who crave healthy, chilled snacks (apples, celery, and most vegetables) while going through high-stress times. Keep your stress down, sleep more, and follow the ground rules to raise your body temperature.

Don’t let a bunch of little things grow into a big problem. Tackling one bad habit at a time makes a big difference in the long-run. Always be conscious of the foods you are eating. Focus on spending a little more time exerting more calories through exercise while eating a little more (warm) food each day. Don’t lose hope on your temperature gain goals. They are attainable if you set a few ground rules in place.

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