“Transformed by Madness”

Kaz DeWolfe

This was a photograph I took about a year ago when I first came to Mad Pride and started reconceptualizing my experiences outside of the medical model. I started to see my strong feelings and extreme states as valuable, transformative, informative. 

Image Description:

A wooden frame containing many items. Around the edges, and in the center, are scattered tiles with cartoon drawings of robots with feelings. In the middle of the composition is a sad but determined looking robot holding up a pencil. Around them is a caption, written in black marker on paper: “Transformed by Madness.” Radiating outward from this robot tile are crayons, pencils, pens, markers, paint brushes, and assorted tools. Along the top are confused and scared robot-tiles. The upper right-hand corner has a set of keys, scattered change, a credit card, and a usb thumb-drive. The upper right corner contains a tear-drop shaped sad robot tile, and scattered around it are pills: prozac in green and white capsules and some small white tablets. The bottom right corner contains angry robot-tiles, with a text caption: “Anger is fuel against injustice.” The bottom left corner has pink robots in love, with hearts and smiling faces, next to a hotel bar of soap that reads “clean your face.” The left side has two playful robot tiles next to a toy dinosaur and a pink teddy bear foam sticker. 

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