All Gods Are Bastards

Kaz DeWolfe

Lessons from various extreme states over the last few years, and from various migraine visions over the last year: 

1) The laws of thermodynamics apply to literally everything, including oppressive systems and social change. 
2) Insects are better than people.
3) Mushrooms are better than people and will save the planet.
4) The state is trying to killing us.
5a) All social constructs are gods.
5b) All gods are bastards.
6) The gods must be killed.
7) Gods cannot be killed, they are immortal.
8) Gods can’t be killed by mortals, but they can be destroyed by other gods.
9) Humans create gods by creating myths, works of fiction and fantasy, and by cooperating on a large scale under the assumption that these myths are undeniably true. 
10) All gods are bastards, but some are more bastardly than others.
11) Gods are made into physical reality through the magic of architecture.
12) Architecture and warfare and gods are all connected.
13) Paternalism is a god and hospitals and courthouses are it’s temples. 
14) Cognitive Liberty is a god that can destroy Paternalism.
15) Cognitive Liberty needs more mythos if it is to become strong enough to defeat Paternalism.
16a) I must write epic poetry. 
16b) According to the laws of thermodynamics, speaking in word salad is much easier than writing epic poetry. 
17) Mythos takes many forms, I don’t have to write epic poetry, but I’m doing it anyway for some reason. 
18) All gods are bastards. Cognitive Liberty is a god. Cognitive Liberty is a bastard.
19) Some gods are more bastardly than others, Cognitive Liberty is a bastard I can live with.
20) Back to architecture- I must build a temple to Cognitive Liberty.
21) According to the laws of thermodynamics, it’s easier to tear down old temples than it is to build new ones.
22) I’m not allowed to tear down any temples. That’s highly illegal.

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